17 May 2009

Spotlight on Juliet Writer

Introducing Juliet Writer...aka Cher's Sis...aka Jules!

1. Role and times you're usually in the U'Bar? My regular shift is tuedays from 11am - 1 pm slt. Other then that whenever I feel like a laugh, which is most of the time hehe.

2. Favourite SL object? MartMart Beck? lmao, how do you answer this question??? All my hair and clothes, my house, my little plot of land on chers island and so much more....

3. The cd you own that you would never admit to? Five - Greatest hits album (so happy only euro's know them)

4. Food you would eat till the end of time, and the food you would never touch? Lasagna (yum) and Onions (yuck!)

5. what super power would you have? telepathy

So as always any questions for Jules....ask away.
She is also doing a Dear Jules section to the blog, if you have any problems in SL and you need the answers drop her a notecard in world and you'll see the answer in the blog!

1 comment:

  1. id like to know.. if jules could be one of her SL pals for the day.. and play as their Av in SL.. who would she be and why?!!