3 January 2011

2011 is here!

Wishing you a Happy 2011 from all the staff at the U'Bar!  

7 December 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Cher, Cindy and Clare

Merry Christmas U'Bar

I think they might sack me!
Clare x

1 December 2010

Introducing Marky Helstein

A professional musician in RL for many years, Marky's live acoustic & electric sets are a spirited blend of Classic Rock & Pop, Ballads, Country, Blues and original material.

Marky has been playing live music for over 25 years. He honed his craft in various bands on the Scottish pub & club scene before moving south to London for a few years. He then moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where, in partnership with an american friend and songwriter, he began writing his own material. Now back living in Scotland, he has emerged with renewed energy and, in addition to a busy RL schedule, is now also bringing his acoustic set to live venues in Second Life.

Catch him on Thursday at 1pm SLT at the U'Bar

28 November 2010

Autumn's Wedding

We'd like to send a huge congratulations to Autumn Bronet and Attero Diavolo.  They got married in SL on Saturday! 
All our love The U'Bar! xx

Cindy Evanier

Cindy has been manager at the U'Bar for a year.

Congratualtions to Cindy for putting up with us all for this long!

Cher would like to send you a big thanks for all your hard word and dedication, which is clearly shown in the sign he put out.  But on a serious note, the U'Bar functions on a daily basis because of you!

So let's all give Cindy a great big cheer! Congratulations!

Love Bloggy x

24 November 2010

yes it's BACK....

You can now add your quotes to the blog.  On the right hand side, there is a 'quotebox'.  Copy and Paste your funny and amusing quotes from the U'Bar local chat! 

Using IMs might upset some people, so play nice please.  That includes Mr Cher Burt!

Type your name
You don't need to provide an email or url
Copy and paste your quote, BUT you need to make sure the lines of text are joined into one quote. 
If you have any problems IM Clare Loring in world

23 November 2010

Burlesque night pictures...

The Ladies of the U'Bar at the finest!

An awesome night was had by all and if you want to check out the pictures Lillith took on the flickr stream here