16 May 2009

Spotlight on Islawhite Martinek!

Islawhite Martinek, Isla, is the manager of the U'Bar, here are her answers to the same questions...

1. Role and times you're usually in the U'Bar? Manager and Occasional DJ - All sorts of times ! never two days the same due to RL!

2. Favourite SL object? Cher x

3. The cd you own that you would never admit to? George Formbys greatest hits.. eeeeks!

4. Food you would eat till the end of time, and the food you would never touch? Chocolate all the way!!!.. and eww to egg!!!!

5. What super power would you have? mmm flight.. always wanted to fly! when i come back.. im coming back as a bird.. so i can fly.. and shit from great heights on those who did me wrong!

Any questions to Isla, drop a comment on the blog and she will answer them!


  1. i wanna know who youd shit on?

  2. lol.. that might be telling!!! but you are safe & dont need an umbrella ;)