31 October 2010

Mr U'Bar, trying to count to 3, and failing!

Now, I am not really someone to publically say what I think or feel about someone, but hey, I am Bloggy so I am going to say it!  hehe

I first walked into the U'Bar about two and a half years ago, after being TPed by Matt.  It was a small bar that seemed to be underwater.  YES not in the sky but under the sea! 
The Cher and Carm show was on, and they were talking about boobs, and sweets!
I giggled for about 3 hours, and it is one of my fondest memories of my time in SL.

He keeps my feet on the ground, and when I am about to do something stupid, I know I can ask his advice and he'll bring me back down to earth quick sharp.  He's such a huge force in SL, that I can't imagine him not being here.  He doesn't mix his words, and he is a massive stickler for detail, but that is how he has got to where he is today!

Congratulations Mr U'Bar and here's to another 3 years!
Love Bloggy x

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  1. Do you know, when I first met him I was kind of scared of him! I think the tables have turned now ;-P
    Nice words Ms. Loring x