1 February 2010

Friday saw one of our hosts turning 1 in SL. Midge organised a party in the U'Bar to celebrate Temp's first rezday!

Fun was had by all with Poise making t-shirts with Temp's picture, and a flickr stream being made of Temp's first year in SL which was streamed to the bar all night.
You can find it if you click the 'Temp's First year in SL memories' link to your right!

Feel free to add any pictures of Temp, you just need to join the group and add to the stream. Or get in touch with Clare Loring and she'll give you a helping hand.

When I asked Temp for her favourite picture of the night, her reply was, I quote; "ALL of them," so there is a selection of some of the pictures Poise took from the night.

A fantastic night, and there seems to be a few more being planned, so stay tuned for more! The rezday party scene is definitely here

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  1. Big YAY and well done to Midge, Poise and Clare for all their hard work making this such a fab party! xx