28 September 2009

Spotlight on DJ Serendipity!!!

This time the spotlight has been shone on none other than the gorgeous DJ Serendipity!!.. heres what she had to say for herself ;)

What is your favourite genre of music??
That is such a tough question! I have quite an eclectic range of music..I love cheesy pop *see.. im not the only one!!* from the 60's through to the 80's, I loved Grunge and Britpop in the 90's and I'm really into electronica at the moment. Don't make me decide, my head will explode!

What was the first record you ever bought?
Gina G - "Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit"

Why did you choose to be a DJ in SL? Wish fulfillment really. I can't do it in real life for various reasons.

Funniest memory of DJing in SL? Playing 'Can We Fix It' by Bob The Builder to a club full of heavy metal types.* We love your style seren!!!*

If you had to pick one album to take with you to a dessert island.. what would it be and why? Now That's What I Call Music - doesn't matter which one, I just need the variety.

Open your ipod or media player.. pop it on random.. and tell us the first 3 songs and artist it comes up with.. dont cheat tho to make yourself look cool! lol
Complicated by Avril Lavigne
The Lonely One by Alice Deejay
Lightning is My Girl by Auf De Maur

I know the first two, hadn't heard the third one until Media Player chose it.

So that is a little insight into DJ Serens life and loves as a DJ!... come on over and catch the lady in person.. Tuesdays 2-4pm SLT with her lovely hosty Summer!

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