16 September 2009

Spotlight on..... DJ Omi !!!

Here we have the spotlight on our very own king of the mash-ups.. DJ Omi!!!

What is your favourite genre of music??

What was the first record you ever bought?
Physical - Olivia Newton John. **and yes folks.. i asked him.. he still has it!!!**
Why did you choose to be a DJ in SL?
Cos I was a Dj in RL and I Enjoy doing it.

Funniest memory of DJing in SL?
Being Logged out 15mins before the end of a set and having to finish it at the help point, only to tp back for the last 5mins to change streams.

If you had to pick one album to take with you to a dessert island.. what would it be and why?
Daft Punk - Discovery, just a great album, has it all..

Open your ipod or media player.. pop it on random.. and tell us the first 3 songs and artist it comes up with.. dont cheat tho to make yourself look cool! lol

It's already on so here goes:
1. Pills - Cedric Gervais
2. Girls Aloud - Live In The Country **Yes!!! the mash up king listens to G.A!!**
3. Mighty Miike - Not A Teen (Nirvana vs Calvin Harris)

So thats DJ Omi in a little nutshell... come on over to the U'Bar and join him Fridays from 3pm SLT with hosty Anya.. and also now on Saturdays 2pm SLT for Formal Night with hosty Summer.

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