12 September 2009

Love is in the Air!! (literally!)

Well.. here at the U'Bar we have a double celebration as two of our wonderful staff have gone and done the partnering thing!!!!

So massive congratulations go to Maddie and Lorimer...you can see Maddie in the U'Bar Weds at Theme night (2pm SLT!) if you want to congratulate her in person!

Also.. our very own Bloggy.. Clurrrrr (thats Clare to those who dont know her well!) and Air.. have finally got partnered!... so huge congratulations to them also.

So on behalf of myself, Cher, all the staff and our lovely U'Bar regulars.. we'd like to wish you all lots of love and best wishes for a very wonderful future together!

*raises her glass and shouts HOORAY!!!*

Isla, Cher & the gang! xxx

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