10 July 2009

Spotlight on a U'Bar Regular...

He's a U'Bar Regular and has been there quite a few months now.

He has been known to like a bit of a tipple. [0:20] Ben Himanez: I have a throat like a Nun's crotch

Slightly violent: [12:41] Ben Himanez: If Cher comes in I'm punching him

Sense of Style: [14:41] Ben Himanez decides to attend the wedding with his tackle on show through a Borat mankini

1. If you could be a member of U'Bar staff for a day who would you be and why?
I would like to be any member of the team that pulls a late shift from a UK point of view - it would be nice to meet some of the folk who frequent The U Bar when I am tucked up in my bed snoring.

2. The best SL quote? There are many, but the best has to go to my friend Nymph, who says in her profile "The irony of a game named Second Life is that none of us has a First Life".

3. The cd that you own that you would never admit to? "Haunting Pan Pipe Favourites" - My God, what the hell was I thinking when I picked up that and paid money for it!

4. Favourite SL object. My Twisted Radar Hud - allows me to do good...and bad...things to people

5. Describe yourself in 5 words.
Honest, Friendly, Approachable, Sincere, Caring
6. Describe the most important person in your SL in 10 words.
Tempest Oleander- strong enough of character for both of us

7. SL things you would take into RL.
Twisted Radar Hud, Teleportation Ability, Dances, Waverunner Speedboat, Beachside Home and a fistful of cash. Oh, and my stunning six pack physique... :)

Just in case you want to avoid him here's his picture!

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  1. LOL.. very funny :) tho you forgot his modesty too [7:58] Ben Himanez: And I have a lrage weapon in my hand ahahahahah :)