22 July 2009

Important info about the subscribeomatic!

Dear U'Bar group members.We have recently set up a Subscribeomatic group for the bar. This means we can notify you of forthcoming events without spamming the main group. We will be migrating everyone from the main 'Underwater Bar' group to the new 'The U'Bar' one.

Please DO NOT leave the main group, you will still need this to access the Sports Lounge and use the various objects in the bar. The new group WILL NOT take up any space in your group listings, it is web-based and designed to make it easier for us to keep in touch with our members.

*Should you wish to un-subscribe, just go to the bar and click the 'sports board' inbetween the Guinnes and Blue dancing lady.*

Yours sincerely.Cher Burt (Proprietor)
Islawhite Martinek (Manager)

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