24 May 2009

Spotlight on Clare Loring

1. Role and times you're usually in the U'Bar? I update the U'Bar blog, and when Cher and Isla and really desperate I might have been known to host a bit too. I have no set times, but I am usually about.

2. Favourite SL object? My SL trumpet made by an amazing friend. Closely followed by my tree house

3. The cd you own that you would never admit to? eerrrrm not that I would ever admit to.

4. Food you would eat till the end of time, and the food you would never touch? Food I would eat till the end of time.....Apple crumble and custard. Food I would never touch....Baked beans! bleugh bleugh and a bit more bleugh!

5. What super power would you have? To be invisible....so I would win Hide and Seek!
Only clean questions please people....Remember I have ultimate power to DELETE! hehehe...nah ask what you like!


  1. and what a fab trumpet you have clurrrr ;)

  2. hahaha I know it's great init! Great sax action you have going on too Isla! x