2 May 2009

Special note from the crew who are with Midge...

Today I got an fantastical notecard from the lovely Cindy Evanier, which is posted below. It's from the crew Midge will be with on her expedition. Thought you would all like to read it too!

2:26] Midge Larkham: hello this is rob, leno, brian and woody here - midge is arguing ith a cutoms bloke about something so we kidnapped her laptop and very quickly wanted to let you know how much she appreciated her send off.
[2:26] Cindy Evanier: oh good ty :)
[2:26] Midge Larkham: she will kill us for this but we really wanted to let you know how special our girl is to us and how much we appreciate all that you lot did for her.
[2:26] Cindy Evanier: She is a very special person
[2:27] Midge Larkham: she really doesn't realise how much we all care and depend on her - after all without her we wouldn't even be here at the airport
[2:27] Midge Larkham: she is the first person to secure grants from 3 diffebet govt committees for one expedition
[2:28] Cindy Evanier: Well you guys are very lucky to be spending time with her
[2:28] Midge Larkham: plesae can you say hello to temp for rob and leno and to omi too
[2:28] Cindy Evanier: Yes sure I will
[2:28] Midge Larkham: they were a great laugh when we were on second life before
[2:28] Cindy Evanier: Yes they are
[2:29] Cindy Evanier: I will copy this onto a notecard and give it to them
[2:30] Midge Larkham: can you pass our thanks onto everyone for us? we will try to bring her back in one piece - although knowing her she will injure herself somehow
[2:31] Cindy Evanier: lol....You guys look after yourselves and have a fab time
[2:31] Midge Larkham: look after yourselves everyone and plesae keep in contact - we all appreciate e-mails and stuff and so know midge will too - it can be quite isolated out in thefield.
[2:31] Cindy Evanier: Definitely
[2:32] Midge Larkham: oh and woody says that if anyone's passing can they please make sure he turned the gaas off? hahaha
[2:32] Midge Larkham: gas
[2:32] Cindy Evanier: lol
[2:32] Midge Larkham: gotta go - got to get coffee - shes grouchy without it!
[2:32] Cindy Evanier: Yes thanks for this....everyone will be over the moon
[2:33] Cindy Evanier: kisses for you all and special one for my girl
[2:33] Midge Larkham: bye...love Rob, Leno, Woody & Brian
[2:33] Cindy Evanier: x
[2:33] Midge Larkham is Offline

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