24 May 2009

Spotlight on Maddie Rosca

1. Role and times you're usually in the U'Bar? Role - Im a Hostie with the Mostie Wednesdays from 2pm slt to 5pm slt . theme night with DJ Laine

2. Favourite SL object? - It has to be the imfamous SHORTS I wear.

3. The cd you own that you would never admit to? The Wiggles - it was when my kids were little.. they loved that awful CD, at home, in the sodding car, I was singing the songs in my sleep at one stage.
4. Food you would eat till the end of time, and the food you would never touch? I love rice and Japanese food in general - wont touch veal.. hate it.

5. what super power would you have? - I would have the super power to teleport and go anywhere I like.. SL and RL.
Any questions.....bet Maddie has an answer! hehe

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