26 April 2009

Welcome to the new blog

First of all some information about the blog.

This is a blog for the Ubar in Second Life. It can be used for any Ubar related topics. Information on upcoming or past events taking place at the ubar.

If you want to announce something, share a funny quote, post a memory or event, this is the place you could do it.
If you would like something to be included in the blog, there are a couple of ways you can do so. Firstly; IM Clare Loring in world or send a notecard with anything you want to be included. Or, send an email to: ubarblog@googlemail.com

The blog is a bit of a work in process so any ideas you have will be very welcome!

Cheers m'dears
Clare x


  1. one morning of naggin and you guys are on top of it! Hooray!

  2. It was a good idea! Let us know what you want to see on it Sufi!